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Aloe vera for acne

Acne on the face (the household name is pimples) is inflammatory formations of sebaceous glands of skin. Such gland has an excretory duct through which sebum gets on a surface of cutaneous coverings.

Actually all listed in national medicine herbs and tincture to stop pimples can easily bought in the nearest drugstore or a specialty store. And something quite probably already grows on your window sill.

Useful properties of aloe

Availability in aloe vera gel soft natural antibiotic removes inflammation, clears the skin, moisturizes it on sufficient depth. Under the influence of the whole set of nutrients also containing in aloe, the skin restore the protective properties.

Aloe is widely used in cosmetology. Gel of this plant prevents pore blocking on face skin and adds to its surface healthy opaque shine. The cause of it is that gel accelerates circulation of blood and peels keratinized cells of skin. Furthermore aloe vera covers skin with protective layer, thereby preventing growth of malignant bacteria and fungal infections.

Aloe juice contains cellulose, beta carotin, vitamins (Е, C, B), about twenty amino acids, essential oils and other microelements and enzymes. Thanks to biologically-active substances contained in gel of this wonderful plant, there is very fast healing of skin without formation of scars. And it is very important because to remove pimples without rumens is very difficult. Gel of this plant prevents occurrence of new pimples.

Remedies for pimples of house preparation on the basis of aloe

Depending on a skin state it is possible to make prophylactic wiping of the zones most subject to formation of spots and do cauterisations or put in masks.

There are represented some recipes:

1. Aloe mask for acne removal

The following mask is recommended. From several layers of gauze it is necessary to cut out a mask, soak) it with aloe juice and put on the face for 30-40 minutes, and then wash it off. Procedures are done daily in the beginning of treatment, later - in day, and then - two times a week. Course of treatment - about 30 procedures.

2. Aloe decoction against seborrhea and acne

Two table spoons is grounded to pasty states of aloe leaves, fill into 3/4 glasses of boiled water and boil thoroughly 10-15 minutes, than filter and wipe the face whith this solution.

3. Preserved aloe juice for oily skin

To reduce pimples by preserved aloe juice it is necessary to preserve 4 parts of juice with 1 part of alcohol. Keep it in a cool dark place in a bottle with sealing plug.

4. Lotion with aloe and calendula

To 3 table spoons of aloe juice it is necessary to add 250 ml of water and 2 table spoons of calendula alcohol tincture which is sold in any drugstore. The received contents it is necessary to wipe face 2 times a day.

5. Cosmetic ice with aloe

It is necessary to mix 100 g camomile or calendula decoction with 2-3 table spoons of fresh aloe juice. Then the received mix is filled in a special ice form and is frozen. Further the received small cubes are used to wipe problem zones to remove acne completely .

6. Mask with aloe and essential oils

Very effectively (должно быть effective) is to add to aloe juice various essential oils. Healing and antiseptic actions of this drug plant will be considerably intensified. So, oils of tea tree, cloves, eucalyptus, camphor, fir and rosemary perfectly help treatment of pimples. Juice which has been squeezed from leaves of aloe, it is necessary to add 2 drops of an essential oil. A mask put, as usually, and maintain from 20 till 40 minutes, then carefully wash off cool water. The mix can be also for daily pimple removal.

7. Application with aloe

 If there are big inflamed and purulent pimples it is necessary to cut off leaf slice, shear prickly sides and peel on the one hand. After that put its pulp to a pimple, fix with adhesive plaster and keep overnight. It is necessary to repeat such application until the pimple completely will not be cleared of pus. Usually aloe drains pimples for 2 - 3 nights.


As well as many medical means, this curative plant has some contra-indications. First, aloe juice and preparations on its basis do not need to be used by people who have any new growths in epidermis layers irrespective of its are good-quality or malignant. Secondly, aloe should be excluded, if there is an allergic reaction on it.

It is necessary to apply any curative preparation, especially in national medicine very accurately because of probable allergic reaction.

Folk remedies lack any collateral actions, therefore aloe vera for acne has been used throughout several millenia.The increasing popularity in treatment of acne is acquired by national recipes. We advise you to pay attention to it yet before you pass to medical aid and special diets for skin purification and renovation. There is a chance, that neither laser, nor hormone treatment of acne is not required to you, and skin problems will be solved by useful herbs.

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